Outsource your accounting and have time to manage your business:

  • Internal and Regulatory reporting – Financial Industry
  • Bookkeeping Services – from full outsourcing to supervision services
  • General Ledger – Assets and Liabilities reconciliations
  • Cash Reconciliation – Bank Statements


Accounting Consulting Services:

Your private desktop at the Cloud…

If you have to pay excess fees for IT support personnel, increase your insurance premium to cover your physical server at your location, and spend long hours in your office working on your computer,  THIS SOLUTION IS FOR YOU.

A virtual computer is a private space on the cloud. You have the same experience on a virtual machine as you would have on a physical computer – but you can access it from anywhere.

  • I provide adequate consulting services to move your accounting process to the cloud.
  • No more headaches for missing backups—data is continually backed up
  • No more continuity plan—it has redundancy and continuity
  • No more IT personnel to repair the computer—if your virtual computer is damaged, no problem: you’ll have a new one with all your data in a flash.

Do you need an accounting application to manage your business?

  • I have the answer:  For Small Business: Quickbooks + Microsoft Office is an adequate solution, and it can be seamlessly managed on your virtual machine.
  • Isn’t your company too small? Microsoft Dynamics is a good alternative to managing medium to large companies.
  • If you don’t like Quickbooks or Microsoft? No problem: let me give you the best solution in the market for your needs. Alternatively, if you require a customized application to manage your business, my IT associates tailor the right application for your requirements.



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