Certified Product Owner

If you require to develop an application software or enhance any process, my services as a Certified Scrum Product Owner ensure the vision for the final product and the understanding of the features that are valued by you. My tasks as your Product Owner include:

  • designing requirements in a language understood by the development team
  • collaborating with Business stakeholders to manage their expectations throughout the complete process
  • being the owner of the product backlog (list of all the things that need to be completed within the project)
  • and, finally becoming  a bridge between your Business Stakeholders and your IT Development Team (internal or external vendors)  to assure a valuable product for your Business.

Agile Consultant

In these volatile times be Agile is a MUST. Agile is not only a Project Management methodology,  but it is also a transformation of the way to do business. As an Scrum Master and Agile Consultant,  my services include:

  • analyzing your company’s structure, and designing the right Agile implementation strategy
  • offering conferences to your executive team to explain the Agile concept and mindset
  • coaching to your teams during the implementation, and measuring the progress during the entire transformation

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