Banking is one of the most regulated industries. As an experienced banking professional,  I can help you deal with compliance standards, accounting pronouncements, and regulations. I can analyze your operational banking processes by taking into account the internal controls, regulation compliance, and system security and executing any required enhancement.

I  understand that your Financial Statements are a snapshot of your business. I also care about the effect of business processes in General Ledger accounts and Financial statements.

My Consulting Services includes, but are not limited to:

  • Credit Operation – Origination, Servicing, and Accounting
  • Operational Risk Management and Compliance
  • Compliance System Validation
  • IT Program Management
  • Documentation of Policies, and  Procedures
  • Identification and Implementation of Internal Controls
  • Management and Control of General Ledger

Regulatory Reporting and FDIC Loss Share Agreements

  • Compilation of Data for Regulatory Reporting
  • Data Management for FDIC Agreements: Loss Share Agreements, Custodial & Paying Agreements, and other Regulatory reporting
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